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Precipitation Hardening of Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is immensely famous amongst industries. This is particularly due to its resilience towards corrosion. Moreover, the stainless steel products are durable yet sturdy which only adds to their amazing properties.

The Group Nirmal produces stainless steel products delicately to ensure all its qualities are retained and magnified. Their stainless steel products contain an alloy of chromium and carbon. The chromium content is about 10.5% whereas the carbon content of these products is about 1.20%. This enhances the products’ ductility and resistance to corrosion. Moreover, they come with a layer of non-reactive chromium oxide (Cr203) on their outer layer. This coating is immensely helpful in saving the products from corrosion by preventing the metal and oxygen of the air to react and cause oxidation.

The Group Nirmal particularly ensures that the products are as per their application in the industry. To enhance this, they use the precipitation hardening method. The precipitation hardening stainless steel products are special because they can be heat treated. This treatment can provide the tensile strength of 850MPa to 1700MPa and can generate strength of 520MPa to more than 1500MPa. Due to such specifications, these products find utility in the oil and gas, nuclear and aerospace engineering industries. Moreover, precipitation hardening can be attained by adding copper, molybdenum, aluminum, and titanium singularly or combined. Moreover, precipitation hardening can be divided into three main types.

Martensitic – These precipitation hardening steel products are the most commonly used ones. Especially the 17/4PH one.

Austenitic – martensitic – These are completely austenitic precipitation hardening steels that require a solution treatment and a second heat cycle to 750°C for 2 hours before cooling them down to room temperature to produce the martensitic.

Austenitic – These are produced by aging the alloys between 500 to 600°C. They have improved strength that is formed by aging 650 to 750°C. These steel products are tough and might be used at cryogenic temperatures.

The Group Nirmal exercises expertise in the creation of precipitation hardening steels. These steels are specially designed to find the best use in the industries that they are required for.

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