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Ways to Test The Quality of Steel Pipes

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Steel pipes play an important role in the manufacturing industry. They are used in various sectors of the industry and are exposed to a lot of different environments. This is why it is essential to check for its quality before putting it to use.

The pipes produced by Group Nirmal are put through several tests that aid in assuring the quality that you look for in these products. Such assessments and quality checks make Group Nirmal the best aluminum conductor. Of the number of ways in which the quality of steel can be assessed, some of them are as follows.

Hydrostatic Testing:

This is one of the most renowned methods of quality check. In this method, the steel pipes are checked for leaks or holes. It is also used to identify the vessel quality that will be used to hold gases and liquids.

In this method, the pipes are filled with liquids and thereby pressured to a distinct level.

Ultrasonic Testing:

This test is usually conducted to check for the specific thickness of the wall of a pipe. This is essential to determine the amount of pressure it can contain and the amount of support it can provide as a structural element. This information is further helpful as it can expose the imperfections in the pipes.

Also known as UT, this examination is performed by using sound waves of high frequency. The sound waves are passed through the external wall and bounced off the interior wall. The results of the measurement aids in understanding the gauge the density of the pipe.

Magnetic Particle Inspection:

Although it is a complicated test, it is extremely important to understand the constituencies of the pipe.

In this test, the pipes are exposed to a strong magnetic field. The imperfect location of the pipe is then indicated by the iron particles. To conduct this test, portable or hand-held versions of MPI machines are used.

Charpy Impact Examination:

This examination is used to assess the durability of the material. This test is easy, cheap, and can provide qualitative results.

In this test, a weighted pendulum is swung from a given height. The material is then made to collide with the pendulum. The results from the test can aid in understanding the brittleness of the solid.

Positive Material Identification Test:

Despite being a complicated test, it is very important to conduct this test to know about the type of material used in the pipes.

There are special gadgets that perform these tests. These are known as XRF or X-Ray Fluorescence machines. These gadgets discharge weak x-rays that cause fluorescence in the material that is put to test. Since every material is different, the fluorescence aids in understanding the type of material used.

Since tests help in understanding the quality of the product, Group Nirmal ensures that their products pass each of these with the best results. Thereby maintaining their level of assured product quality. This ensures that they are the best steel pipes manufacturer in Kolkata.


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