Stranded Steel Wires

Stranded Steel Wires

3 x 3 Pc.

Stranded Steel WiresThe group manufactures high tensile steel strands used in concrete reinforcement, predominantly railway sleepers. 3 ply of 3mm high tensile wire offers superior tensile strength, proof stress, elongation and relaxation properties. The product conforms to IS 6006 and corresponding ASTM, JIS and BS standards.

Stay/Guy Wires

Stranded Steel WiresWe cater to a wide array of stay/guy wires, which finds its application in structures like distribution poles, ship masts, radio masts, chimneys, railway poles etc. Stay wire and guy wires are used as tension cables to add stability to structures. We offer galvanized steel guy wires up to 19 strands of various grades (450-1770), with wire diameters ranging from 1.57mm – 4.00mm, conforming to IS 2141, BS 183 and corresponding ASTM, DIN and JIS specification to meet customer’s requirement. We can supply stay wires in coils, wooden drums and steel drums.

Earth/Shield Wires

Galvanized wireWe are engaged in producing galvanized steel stranded Earth wire used in the power transmission sector in the form of overhead earth wire and counterpoise earthing. Using high quality steel we can produce Earth wire of various grades as per IS 2276 and corresponding, BS, IEC specifications.

ACSR Core Wire

Steel wireAluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced strand is used in the transmission and distribution industry. Our steel wire division produces core wire single and stranded (upto 19 strand) for the conductor industry conforming to IS 398 part II and V, ASTM B498 and BS 4565. Our size range includes wires from 1.57mm to 4.80mm.

Messenger Wires

galvanized steel wireWe offer messenger wires of up to 19 strands of galvanized steel wire finding its application in various purposes like Aeolian/stock bridge dampers, cables used in the Power Sector.