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The Group Nirmal manufactures various types of Aluminium Conductors catering to the Power Sector. It finds its use in the overhead line conductors for the transmission of electricity. They may or may not have reinforcement based on its end use. We have facilities to produce Aluminium strands upto 61 strands with individual wire diameters ranging from 1.60mm to 8.00mm. We manufacture AAC, AAAC and ACSR with various packing options including coils, wooden drums and steel drums to meet our customer requirement.

AAC (All Aluminium Conductor)

Aluminum ConductorAll Aluminium Conductor (AAC) also called as Aluminium Stranded Conductors are manufactured from EC grade Aluminium having a minimum of 99.95% Aluminium content. The minimum conductivity in AAC is 61%.They are typically used in areas with short spacing where supports are close to each other. Having a high degree of corrosion resistance, it finds its application in coastal areas.

Key Benefits of AAC is:

  • High corrosion resistance of AAC due to homogenous construction making it ideal for coastal areas.
  • Conductivity of AAC is high. It has the highest conductivity to weight ratio in overhead conductors.
  • For the same specific resistance, weight of AAC is lesser than copper even with a higher cross-sectional area. This makes it transportation and erection friendly.

We offer AAC conductor as per:

  • IS 398 Part I
  • BS 215 Part I
  • DIN 48201-5
  • IEC 207
  • ASTM B231

Products are listed in the attached PDF

AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductor)

Aluminum ConductorAll Aluminium Alloy Conductor (AAAC) is manufactured by laying concentric strands of Aluminium, Silicon and Magnesium alloy. Manufactured from 6201 and 6101 Aluminium alloy with the appropriate heat treatment during processing, high electrical conductivity (minimum conductivity of 54%) with superior mechanical properties and corrosion resistance is achieved.

Having superior mechanical properties, AAAC does not have any need for steel reinforcements. Hence for the same diameter of conductor, AAAC has a higher conductivity, superior mechanical properties and lower specific weight than ACSR conductors.

Key Benefits of AAAC is:

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Superior mechanical properties compared to AAC
  • Higher conductivity when compared to ACSR conductors

We have facilities to produce upto 61strand of AAAC with cross-sectional area ranging from 15mm2 to 767mm2. Our product conforms to various international standards like:

  • IS 398 Part IV
  • BS 3242
  • DIN 48201-6
  • IEC 61089
  • ASTM B399

Detailed product catalog as per the attached.

Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)

Aluminum ConductorAluminium Core Steel Reinforced consists of steel core with concentrically stranded EC grade Aluminium wires. The core may consist of single or stranded galvanized steel wires imparting high mechanical strength to the conductor, with class A, B or C zinc coating to offer corrosion protection. This makes it suitable for installations with extra long spans, river crossings, etc. It combines the high tensile strength and ruggedness of steel with lightweight and conductivity of EC grade Aluminium.

Proportion of steel and Aluminium in ACSR is decided on the basis of the mechanical strength and current carrying capacity of the conductor. For example, for the same current carrying capacity the amount of steel would be more when used in area with high wind load, ice load etc., when compared to mild weather areas. ACSR is dependable and economical. Its high mechanical strength to weight ratio enables longer spans with fewer supports and lesser sag. With reduced number of supports, there is lesser foundation cost, erection cost, hardware, fittings etc. Further due to its large diameter, corona losses are low resulting in substantial savings in high voltage lines.

Key Benefits of ACSR is:

  • High tensile strength and High mechanical strength to weight ratio
  • Low corona effect
  • Better sag properties
  • Economic and best suited for transmission lines with long spans.

With facility to produce core wire within the group and processing ACSR upto 61 strands, we manufacture ACSR complying with various international standards including:

  • IS 398 Part II & V
  • BS 215 Part 2
  • DIN 48204
  • IEC 209
  • ASTM B232

Detailed product brochure as per the attached PDF.