Hot Rolled Products

Hot Rolled Products by Group Nirmal - Best conductor and Gi wires manufacturer in India

Hot Rolled products refer to products that are uncoated and have been formed at about 860 degrees Celsius at the mill and then reduced while the strip temperature is maintained. Hot Rolled products are either modified in the process for use ‘as is’ or processed further in the cold reduction process as the base material for future coated products. Hot rolled products are manufactured in five product groups: Formable, Extra Formable, Structural, Carbon and Hardness.

Our rolling mill is an RDSO approved mill manufacturing the following products:


stripsHot-rolled strips offer extensive performance characteristics, versatility and economy, in addition to having dedicated properties for specific applications. We manufacture strips mainly to cater to the ERW Pipe industry. Our strips are also used for general engineering purposes like manufacturing cable supports, etc.

Specifications – 82 mm to 182 mm width; 1.04 mm to 4 mm in thickness.


rolled3Liners are used for protection between two surfaces and for various other purposes. They are used in construction work, chimneys, and also in lining woodstoves, gas or oil furnaces.

Specifications – T 3738     T 3740     T 3741     T 3742    

Fish Plate Bars

fish plateFish plate bars are used in rail construction. We manufacture 10 different designs of fish plate bars catering mainly to the Indian Railways. However, we can take up custom made designs for manufacturing as per requirements of the clients.


flatsHot rolled flats are used in automobiles as chassis, bumpers and clutch covers. They are also used for constructing erection beams and for other purposes in consumer durables.

Specifications – Sizes up to 150 mm in width.


angles 1Steel angles are used for a number of purposes in various industries. Framing is one of the most common uses for steel angles. They are also used for brackets, trim, reinforcements, etc.

Specifications :

Sizes up to 90 mm x 90 mm x 6 mm.


roundsSteel rounds are used for diverse applications such as in the production of connecting rods, axle beams, crankshafts, nuts and bolts, keys and shafts.

Specifications – 16 mm – 70 mm