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Construction steel bar

Our group takes great pride in introducing:

TriconTM is a high strength structural steel bar, which lowers the diameter of reinforcement bars without any compromise in strength of the reinforcement leading to substantial savings.

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Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars “TMT” replaced CTD bars in the late 1990’s as they were considered technically superior and it was convenient for the rolling mills. Cold twisting post production was a cumbersome and labour intensive job and often proved a bottleneck in production of CTD bars.

The use of progressively higher strength reinforcement steel resulted in increased demand for smaller diameter steel bars, to replace higher diameter steel bars, due to economic reasons .Production of CTD bars or TMT bars was limited to 8mm dia.

The solution was found by invention of a new type of reinforcement bar ,the high strength deformed bar. Because of their economic as well as technical excellence these bars gained international acceptance easily.

TRICONTM high strength deformed bars conforming to IS: 1786 (1985) of Grade Fe550 corresponding to DIN: 488 & B.S. 4483 are manufactured using the well-established technology of simultaneous cold rolling and cold ribbing.

TRICONTM bars can be used as a general-purpose concrete reinforcement in all types of reinforced concrete structures. It can be used in combination with any grade of concrete like M-15, M-20 & M-25 with economy, better functional aspects, structural safety and strength.

Product Description Diameter Lengths Coating Application
TRICONTM High Strength deformed steel bars (ribbed) 3.5mm to 10.45mm 1m to 12m(As per customers specification) Black Used in general reinforcement of concrete structures, buildings etc.
TRICONTM (Galvanized) Galvanized (zinc coated) High Stength Deformed steel bars (ribbed) 3.5mm to 5mm 1m to 12m(As per customers specification) 40gsm-400gsm of zinc coating Used in general reinforcement of concrete structures, buildings etc. and fencing. The product offers superior corrosion protection increasing the life of the structures.

Salient points:

Higher Strength Grade Fe 550 instead of grade Fe 415. Normally available in the market
Lower Diameter Greater Length
Better Tolerance +/- 0.5% instead of +/- 7%
Better Control Manufactured by cold rolling cold ribbing process
Better Gripping TRICON bars have scientific rib design
Direct substitute No change in drawing required
Savings in steel 22% to 30%
Savings in cost 6% to 20 %