Galvanized Barbed Wires - Group Nirmal

Black Wires

black steel wires

We offer hard bright drawn wire ranging from sizes 1.5mm to 6mm for various end applications, providing exceptional dimensional tolerance. We are capable of supplying various mild and alloy carbon steel wires with options of phosphate and borax coating to suit end customer requirements.

  • Spring Steel Wire: Spring steel wire from sizes 1.5mm to 4mm to suit various engineering spring applications for both tension and compression spring. It is used in various engineering, automotive purposes, bed spring, seat spring etc.
  • Umbrella Rib: Hard drawn wire to meet the needs of wire used for umbrella rib manufacturing. We can cater to various sizes to suit our customers design needs.
  • Black Annealed: Annealed wire used in binding of material in construction and in packaging. Size range 1.57mm to 4.00 mm.
  • Nails: Cold heading quality wire to suit nail manufacturing. We can also supply the same in galvanized form to offer better corrosion protection.
  • EQ: Electrode quality wire used in the core of stick electrodes. Being manufacturers of stick electrodes, we can offer superior quality of EQ wire with 20 years of know how in the trade.
  • Redrawing: Black wires that can be used for drawing into finer wires for various applications. The advantage of our product is that we can offer pickled, phosphate and borax coated wire which helps in further drawing.

Prestressed Concrete Wire

Prestressed Concrete Wire

Prestressed Concrete Wire is used in reinforcement of concrete structures like Hume Pipes, Pre-Cast Concrete Panels, and Concrete Poles etc. Our size range includes 3mm-5mm offering round and indented options, having superior relaxation properties. Our products conform to IS 6003 and equivalent ASTM, JIS and BS standards.

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized steel wires

We offer GI Wires ranging from 1.5mm to 6mm with zinc coating ranging from 40 gsm to 500gsm confirming to IS, BS, DIN, ASTM and JIS standards.

Galvanized steel wires today is the best solution globally for protecting wires from rusting and corrosion with various applications as follows:

  • ACSR Core Wire
  • Stay/ Stranded Wire
  • Earth Wire
  • Fencing (Barbed, Concertina,Chain Link) & Netting
  • Gabion Boxes
  • Nails
  • Cable Armoring
  • Telephone Wiring
  • Bailing
  • Welded Mesh
  • Filters
  • Anti-climbing and other security products.
  • Agricultural and irrigational applications
  • Galvanized Spring
  • Galvanized Piano Wire/ Winch wire
  • Solid Wires
  • Hanger Wire
  • General Engg Purpose


barbed wire

We also manufacture Galvanized Barbed Wires conforming to IS 278. It finds its application in fencing solutions, border security and various anti-climbing devices. We offer Barbed wire with a unique packing solution to make it ergonomic and safe for handling by our customers.