Welding Solutions

Welding Solutions - Group Nirmal India

Our production units are equipped with the latest machinery and complete set of testing equipment to produce goods meeting stringent quality parameters. We have well laid out quality assurance plans for maintaining consistency in the quality of all our products. We have an installed capacity to produce 2000MT of stick electrodes per annum and 1800MT of MIG wire per annum.

Our products enjoy accreditation and approvals from various Govt. Bodies such as the Bureau of Indian Standards, the Chief inspector of Boilers, RDSO, The Director General of Quality Assurance, BHEL etc., along with reputed private sector companies like L&T, MN Dastur& Company etc.

Recommended welding applications of our electrodes include high pressure piping, boilers and pressure vessels, blast furnaces, pen stocks, loco frames, bridges, cranes, light fabrications, storage tanks, sheet metal works, ship building, wagon building, general engineering and fabrication works.

Stick Electrodes

stick electrodes

We manufacture stick welding electrodes of consistent quality conforming to international standards. Our customer centric focus with a positive and forward thinking attitude has resulted in products and services exceeding customer expectations. Apart from having a versatile product range, we also aim to offer customized solutions to distinguish our products. We firmly believe in collaborating with our customers to understand their needs and provide them with solutions. Along with this we believe in providing services, both before and after sales, to ensure customer satisfaction.

ESL’ARC 60R A medium coated general purpose MS electrode for welding of structural work and general fabrication. The slag is quite freezing and easy to remove suitable to bridge large gaps.
ESL’ARC 61R/ESL’ARC 61 A medium coated rutile base MS electrode. Ideal for welding of wagons, bridges, tanks, ship building etc., where the deposit requires to be clean & defect free.
ESL’ARC 60 A light coated MS electrode for general usage viz. sheet metal works, storage tanks, steel furniture’s, etc.
ESL’ARC 62 A heavy coated rutile base electrode deposits crack free & radiographic quality weld. Ideal for welding boilers, pipelines, ship building, wagons, etc. Suitable for both AC & DC power.
ESL’ARC 78 A heavy coated low hydrogen iron powder type having excellent welding properties which give high purity radiographic quality deposits. Ideal for high strength welds on mild steel, medium carbon & low alloy steels for boilers & pressure vessels, blast furnace, low frames.

MIG Wires


MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding wire is used in Gas Metal Arc Welding along with a shielding gas. MIG wire is produced adhering to the highest quality standards with ER70S-6 specifications. Some of the salient features that our MIG wire offers are as follows:

  • Available in layer winded spool for trouble free continuous operation without entanglement.
  • Controlled Cast and Helix
  • Excellent copper adherence
  • Optimum copper coating for efficient current pick up and freedom from rusting.
  • Available in 0.8mm and 1.2mm wire diameters