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Key Differences Between Mild Steel and High Tensile Steel

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If you are wondering what kind of steel gears, crowbars, studs, rotors, and pinons use, it is made of high tensile steel, that is corrosion-resistant and has higher strength. Nails, fences, furniture, the automobile, on the other hand, uses mild steel because this steel is easier to cut, forge, drill, and is easier to fabricate. While many spring steel wire manufacturers in Kolkata try to create high-quality mild steel and high tensile steel products, only a few manage to do so. Both mild and high-tensile steel manufacturers use quality galvanized steel wires to create the final product that is used across several industries.

Any steel pipes manufacturer across the country will use mild steel to create high tensile steel by including different alloy materials in the low amount of carbon in both types of steel. However, there are some glaring differences between both mild and high-tensile steel, and you need to be aware of the differences if you plan to use it:

Differences Between Mild Steel and High Tensile Steel

Even though high tensile steel is manufactured from mild steel, both products have different uses. From its properties to its composition, here is how high tensile steel is different from mild steel:

1. Carbon Content:

At 0.2%, the carbon content in mild steel is moderate, making the steel flexible, while at 2.1%, the carbon content in high-tensile steel is higher than many other mild steel forms.

2. Properties:

Even though mild steel has only 0.2% carbon content in it, you cannot assume it to be fragile. Mild steel is also an excellent electrical conductor, and it can be easily magnetized. However, manufacturers use several alloying elements to make the steel strong and use high-tensile steel for structural purposes.

3. Application:

It might not seem like it, but mild steel is the perfect material for structural elements of construction. From reinforcing bars roof coverings to sheet piles, mild steel makes good construction material. On the other hand, high tensile steel can be used as aluminum conductors, automobile parts, weapons production, etc. From pulling hydropower stations to lifting atomic reactors, people and workers can use high-tensile strength in industries that require metals with high yield strength.

4. Flexibility:

Due to its malleability, mild steel can be shaped and designed into anything you want without breaking it, while with high-tensile steel, you do not have that luxury.


The Group Nirmal provides top-quality products and services if you are looking for mild or high tensile steel for your projects. Their products range from manufacturing and supplying aluminum conductors to spring steel wire and everything in between. Depending on your requirements, you would be able to purchase both mild and high-tensile steel from your trusted steel manufacturer and supplier. You might also note that when the carbon percentage in steel increases, the flexibility, durability, and elasticity decrease drastically. When buying high tensile steel, you should be aware that high tensile steel is an entirely different product from high-speed steel.

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