Galvanized Wires

Different Types of Galvanized Steel Wires and Their Uses

Galvanized wires

Galvanization is the process through which steel surfaces are coated with zinc so as to prevent the object from rust and corrosion. This technique is also used for the development of wire meshes as they are applicable in a number of places. Galvanized wire mesh is treated as a separate kind of product and is therefore available in multiple sizes and qualities. Ranging from their usability, they can be used to fence your garden or act as a boundary to your heavily industrial area.

Group Nirmal is one of the main producers of GI wires in India. They create two fundamental forms of galvanized wires. These are Galvanized before welding (GBW) and galvanized after welding (GAW).

Galvanized Before Welding:

In this procedure, each wire strand is galvanized individually before welding them with each other to form a mesh. This technique usually covers up the juncture of the wires with the welding metal. This makes this method cost-effective and is cheap for the consumer.

Galvanized After Welding:

In this technique, the wires are first welded together to form sheets or wire meshes. Then each of these wire mesh sheets is individually galvanized. However, the production of these sheets is costly and time-consuming. The presence of small diameter holes also makes galvanization a difficult job.

Uses of Galvanized Wire

Galvanized wires are capable of providing added safety wherever they are applied. Therefore these multipurpose wires can be applied to various walks of life. These are as follows.

Safety Nets for Windows:

It is important to protect your houses from external factors such as insects, animals, thieves, etc. These wires are intricately woven that aid in blocking these elements from entering the houses. Furthermore, these wires can be easily repainted according to the color of the room. This can help in maintaining the aesthetics of the decor. Group Nirmal is one of the most renowned GI fencing wire manufacturers in India.

Project Building:

In the construction industry, these wire meshes play a huge role. These meshes are used to act as a screen that could hold the cement mixture. They are used in both horizontal and vertical sections. In most cases, these wires are set along with the cement to increase the strength and rigidity of the building.

Creating Artificial Boulders:

Galvanized steel wire is immensely beneficial when it comes to forming artificial boulders. These wires are set up near ocean or riversides and are used to hold the land. By doing so, the wire mesh can significantly reduce soil erosion. These wires can also help by breaking the waves and thereby decreasing the force of water.

These multiple uses of galvanized wires make it an indispensable product in the industry and for daily requirements. Since the price of this product varies according to the formation, it is necessary to opt for the one you need according to your specific requirements.


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