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What is Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) and What are its Benefits

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Aluminum Core with concentrically stranded EC Grade Aluminum wires makes up the Aluminum Core Steel Reinforced. The aluminum conductor’s core can be made up of single or stranded galvanized steel wires with a class A, B, or C zinc coating for corrosion resistance. This makes it perfect for installations of extra-long spans, river crossings, and other similar applications. It combines steel’s high tensile strength and toughness with EC grade Aluminum’s lightweight and conductivity.

The amount of steel and aluminum in ACSR is determined by the conductor’s mechanical strength and current carrying capacity. As compared to mild weather areas, the amount of steel used in areas of high wind load, ice load, etc. will be more for the same current carrying capacity. ACSR is a dependable and cost-effective operation. Longer stretches with fewer supports and fewer sag are possible thanks to its high mechanical strength to weight ratio. Base, erection, hardware, and fittings all cost less when the number of supports is reduced. Corona losses are also low due to its large diameter, resulting in significant savings in high voltage cables.

ACSR is a stranded conductor with a high capacity that is mostly used for overhead power lines. The ACSR conductor design can be achieved in the following way: the outside of the conductor can be made of pure aluminum material, while the inside of the conductor can be made of steel material to provide additional strength to withstand the conductor’s weight. Steel has a higher strength than aluminum, allowing mechanical force to be exerted over the conductor. By galvanizing or covering the steel conductor with another material, the conductor’s service life may be increased. To keep the material from corroding, use galvanized wires.


Functional Advantages


The structure of ACSR cables is clear. Aluminum’s lightweight contributes to the system’s ease of operation and maintenance. Setting up an aluminum conductor steel reinforced line is inexpensive. At the same time, there is a lot of transmission power.

Excellent tensile strength (which means they can be used across a longer period without requiring a lot of support), adequate mechanical strength, applicability across voltage levels, and suitability for both overhead transmission and distribution line use characterize these cables (versatility). Above all, the ACSR conductor has undeniable advantages in use, but the price must be your primary consideration. In comparison to the ACSR conductor price list, Group Nirmal will give you a fair price.


The Following are Some of the Benefits of the ACSR Conductor:


The structure of an ACSR conductor is plane.

The transmission ability is high.

The tensile strength of these cables is exceptional.

Outstanding results

These are long-lasting and provide a lot of versatility.


Buying ACSR Conductor


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