Aluminium Conductor

How to Choose the Best Aluminum Conductor?

Aluminum Conductor

Aluminum is known for its high conductivity of electricity, and that is why an aluminum conductor is used for conducting electricity to the desired channels. Other metals like silver, copper, etc., are also good conductors of electricity. However, aluminum is chosen over its other alternatives because of its affordability and availability. The barbed wire manufacturers in India, who also make wires, will also be able to supply you with aluminum wires.

Let us, in the succeeding paragraphs, learn about the various parameters to choose the best aluminum conductor.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Aluminum Conductor –

Current Carrying Capacity

Aluminum has a conductivity of only 60% that of copper. Still, when measured in terms of weight, one pound of aluminum has the capacity of two pounds of copper to carry electricity. So, when you look for an aluminum conductor, it must have this feature. Such wires, unlike galvanized wire, will be a cost-efficient material.


A prestressed concrete wire manufacturer will also be producing aluminum conductors. You can contact the manufacturer to get hold of the conductor but make sure that the aluminum conductor they give you has high durability. There are many types of aluminum conductors (refined and unrefined), and you must get only the best one.


Aluminum conductors are anti-corrosion, and so they are safe to be used for conducting electricity. Yet manufacturers of aluminum conductors are likely to build their manufacturing units in a place where there are chances of catching fire due to high-tension electric wires. In such situations, gi wires in India are used for the safety of the workers.


A steel pipes manufacturer will not venture into manufacturing aluminum wires. So, you will not get to choose the best aluminum conductor from them. Visit only an aluminum conductor producer, and the person will tell you that the best conductor is highly malleable as it has a very low melting point and density. Therefore, a good-quality aluminum conductor will not melt under excessive electricity transmission.


The best aluminum conductor will be brittle like steel. You can look for the aluminum conductor at a shutter spring wire-producing unit as they might produce it. Before buying the aluminum conductor, check that it has increased tensile strength as the temperature drops.


Owing to its non-magnetic properties, aluminum becomes an excellent conductor of electricity. This is why aluminum conductors are used for electrical shielding in computer disks, busbars, dish antennas, etc. Similarly, a stay wire might also be very efficient.


A top-grade aluminum conductor bought from a gi fencing wire manufacturer will also render non-toxicity. Thus, it will prevent any contamination or radiation.

Where are Aluminum Conductors Used?

A top fencing wire manufacturers in Kolkata also manufactures aluminum wires that are used for

  • Wiring power grids 
  • Overhead power transmission lines 
  • Local power distribution lines 
  • Wiring in airplanes 
  • Ships 
  • Consumer appliances 
  • Spacecrafts, etc.

Aluminum conductors are used in long-distance power lines for conducting high voltage electricity transmission and distribution. Aluminum wires are majorly used due to their density and low cost (unlike galvanized steel wire).

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