Barbed Wire and Fencing - Group Nirmal

Barbed wire is basically galvanized steel wire fencing made by twisting hard pieces of wire with sharp edges or points made at various places. It is inexpensive and acts as an alternative to a wooden or stone fencing structure. The edges are made sharp with the aim to guard over entry points to land or buildings. Galvanized steel wire is the most commonly used during the production of barbed wires.

Group Nirmal is the top manufacturer and supplier of galvanized barbed wire and chain link fencing in India conforming to IS 278. We are known for manufacturing and supplying superior quality barbed wires and fencing wires to a myriad range of customers all over the country. It finds its application in fencing solutions, border security and various anti-climbing devices. We offer barbed wire with a unique packing solution to make it ergonomic and safe for handling by our customers.