difference between TMT and CTD bars

Highlighting The Difference Between TMT and CTD Bars

TMT (Thermo Mechanical Treatment) bars and CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed) bars are both high-strength reinforcement steel bars, but their process of the product is not the same. CTD or twisted bars involves the process of cold twisting while TMT bars involves the manufacturing process of using hot treatment technology.

There are three specific stages involved in the hot treatment of TMT bars which includes quenching, self-tampering and atmospheric cooling. In this process, an intensive cooling is applied in the steel bars as they pass through the Tempcore water cooling system which hardens the surface of the steel bar and as there is no kind of twisting involve in this process and that is the reason the steel bars does not go through any torsional stress which does not create any surface detects and makes it corrosion resistant.

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Types of Steel Used in Building Construction - Nirmal Group

Types of Steel Used in Building Construction

Steel is popularly known for its durability and potency that no other can provide when it comes to construction activities. Steel is getting rapidly common to be used in construction and people are more and more preferring it because of the plethora of advantages that it provides like it has the quality of being much easier to handle and less time consuming during the process of construction and many other factors as well, which has elevated steel to be the most useful element in the process of constructing buildings.

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