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Types of Steel Used in Building Construction

Types of Steel Used in Building Construction - Nirmal Group

Steel is popularly known for its durability and potency that no other can provide when it comes to construction activities. Steel is getting rapidly common to be used in construction and people are more and more preferring it because of the plethora of advantages that it provides like it has the quality of being much easier to handle and less time consuming during the process of construction and many other factors as well, which has elevated steel to be the most useful element in the process of constructing buildings.

Steel builds have better resistant power because of their high strength and using steel while construction is less expensive than concrete or wood construction. It is also known for being environment-friendly, and can easily resist natural calamities like earthquake. Now let’s learn the types of steel which are widely used for construction –

  1. Plain Carbon Steel – This a very strong and durable steel which is very commonly used for building construction. This steel is so widely used because of the myriad range of qualities that it possesses, such as, it is highly flexible and does not crack when bent, it is ductile and it also features great plasticity and it can resist and stand strong during natural calamities like earthquakes without causing cracks to happen. Low carbon steel consists of around 0.05% – 0.25% density of carbon and is easy to handle because of its quality of being handled by two yield points.

  1. Structural Steel – It is a kind of steel which made of precise cross-section but it also follows a definite standard for chemical composition and mechanical properties. They come in various shapes like HSS shape, L shape, I-Beam, T shape, Z shape, rail profile,etc. This steel is highly ductile and durable and can be morphed into almost any shape as per the requirement of the construction. Structural steel can also withstand various kinds of natural calamities and are fire resistant too, but fire protection should be provided in case there is a possibility of getting heated up to an extent where it starts to lose its strength.

  1. Rebar Steel – This kind of steel is used to maintain the tension for reinforced concrete or masonry structure. It is made up of carbon steel along with ridges for the purpose of mechanical anchoring in a better way in the concrete. It provides resistance, durability and stiffness that spreads on a large area that other types of steel cant.

Steel construction has now gained popularity all over the world and is now the leading construction material on every part of the world. Group Nirmal is one of the leading construction steel manufacturers in India, also specializing in other industrial appliances such as aluminum conductor, GI wires, earth wire, fencing wire and much more.

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