GI wires

Elucidating The Uses of GI Wires or Galvanized Wires

Elucidating the uses of GI wires

GI wires or Galvanized Iron Wire is a wire which has undergone the process of galvanization and it consists of a protective, rust-resisting metal like zinc as a coating. GI wires can be characterized as a wire which is strong, non-rusting and can be used for various purposes. Here are some of the ways by which galvanized iron wire can be truly helpful –

  1. Property Protection – As already said, galvanized wire is extremely strong and durable and it can be used for protection of properties. It can be used to create a fence around the perimeter of a property and as it has the characteristics of being strong and durable, cutting the wire would be very difficult. It can also be placed on top of the fence to prevent people from climbing them.

  1. Used for binding of construction materials – As galvanized wires are very strong, it can be used for binding construction materials at homes or industries, which prevents them from falling due to overbalance. As galvanized steel wires can resist all types of weather, rust-preventive and durable, their value is much crucial for constructors.

  1. Provides support to wall appliancesGI wires provide immense value where there is a need for wall projections or paintings support with their feature of high tensile strength. These wires ensure security to expensive artworks or mirrors on the wall, by preventing them from falling and shattering.

Apart from these top three uses, galvanized iron wires are also used in the process of manufacturing steel ropes and non-corrosion wire products. The strength and durability of this wire allow it to be used in a plethora of manufacturing processes which also includes suspending or hanging telecommunications cables and barrier cable as well. Galvanized Wires or GI Wires today is the best solution globally for protecting wires from rusting and corrosion with various applications as follows:

  • => ACSR Core Wire
  • => Stay/ Stranded Wire
  • => Earth Wire
  • => Fencing (Barbed, Concertina, Chain Link) & Netting
  • => Gabion Boxes
  • => Nails
  • => Cable Armoring
  • => Telephone Wiring
  • => Bailing
  • => Welded Mesh
  • => Filters
  • => Anti-climbing and other security products.
  • => Agricultural and irrigational applications
  • => Galvanized Spring
  • => Galvanized Piano Wire/ Winch wire
  • => Solid Wires
  • => Hanger Wire
  • => General Engg Purpose

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