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Copper Wire V/S Aluminum Wire

Copper Wire vs Aluminum Wire

If you are confused about which wire to choose – copper or Aluminum – then we will help you to decide it, right here and right now! This blog will enlighten you about the types of wires equally so that you can weigh both and decide which would be the best one to buy from the fencing wire manufacturers in Kolkata.

Copper Wire and its Benefits 

Copper is the most preferred option for wiring, whether it is at your home or office, as compared to aluminum conductor wires. There are several reasons for using copper wires for fencing and wiring purposes. You definitely need to take a look at these reasons.

  • Copper wires give you the ease of usability.
  • They have the perfect efficiency and ability to conduct electricity well, unlike the gi wires in India
  • The wires made with copper come off as more stable and are extremely durable. 
  • Copper, as a metal, is known to exhibit better conductivity, and therefore it comes off as an immediate option to be used for fencing and wiring.
  • The performance of galvanized wire and copper wires is much better than any of its alternatives.
  • The tensile strength of copper wire is 40% better than that of aluminum, and so there are lower chances that it will break. 
  • Wires made from copper have a lower thermal expansion which means that these wires do not expand or contract with the changes in seasons and temperatures. The wires do not expand even when the electricity passing through them causes heat. 
  • Although copper wires are expensive, given the fact they are useful, durable, and highly effective, the price set by the barbed wire manufacturers in India becomes quite tertiary.

However, as a statutory warning, you must know that copper wires are corrosive by nature and can cause fire, which of course, is quite threatening. Also, copper cannot bear a load of poles like stay wire does.

Aluminum Wire and its Benefits 

Aluminum wires are also used to construct electrical wires and are used for their multifaceted benefits that are quite many.

  • Aluminum wiring is quite lightweight and can be used for domestic and commercial areas like galvanized steel wire and shutter spring wire used for numerous other purposes.
  • Aluminum wires are commonly available, and so you can purchase them the moment the need arises. 
  • The price of Aluminum wires is cheaper, so it offers affordability at a very low cost. 
  • These wires are preferred for their fixed installation, which barely takes time. 
  • Electrical wires made with aluminum (unlike prestressed concrete wire) have higher specific electrical resistivity than copper, and so these wires are most widely used.

Unfortunately, aluminum wires have a high thermal expansion coefficient, so they are more brittle than the other wires.

Thus, you must be in a favorable position now to decide which wire to use for your specific purpose. Contact a gi fencing wire manufacturer to get the best quality wires so that you have no room for complaints.

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