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How GI Barbed Wire & Chainlink can Prevent Vande Bharat Trains from Accidents

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The incident of cattle hit by the Vande Bharat trains has been a piece of concerning news – for the cattle owners and railway passengers, as well as the railway authority. Following a second similar incident, the Western railways are already looking for preventive solutions.

However, the entire Indian Railways should take these incidents as a push to create awareness in the nearby villages about the importance of overseeing or controlling their cattle. Indian Railways should also consider fencing work, which is possibly already being discussed due to the seriousness of these accidents. Barbed wire manufacturers in India can really help in cases like this.

How GI Wires and Chainlink will Prevent Accidents?

Officials have already started working on fencing around the railway tracks and expect the same to be completed by 2024. In addition, barbed wires can be installed around the railway tracks, which will prevent cattle from making it past the strong fencing and ensure their safety.

Why Choose Barbed Wire for Fencing Around Railway Tracks?

Group Nirmal is a barbed wire manufacturer and leading GI manufacturer in India that offers barbed wires and chain links for various purposes including fencing. Choosing fencing with quality and durable wires from an ideal manufacturer like Group Nirmal railway tracks can be safer for all. Here is how:

1. Provides Security with Gi Wires

A railway track is a government property used for public transportation. Therefore, utmost protection or caution is one of the top priorities, and fencing with barbed wires is an excellent option. GI wires come with a steel finish which can be used to make GI barbed wires. GI barbed wires can be used to create any kind of shape for fencing for government properties like railways.

But even if you are not securing government property, you can benefit from GI wire suppliers. Private properties can also use GI and barbed wire fencing to improve security around their house.

2. Establish Boundaries with Barbed Wires

GI wire fencing, apart from providing security, also establishes a much-needed boundary. If the railway officials choose to build fencing with barbed wire in immediate proximity to the tracks, they can create a space that is completely separate from the surrounding space. They can create a safe space for the rail tracks and establish a boundary from external forces like cattle or other animals that might graze nearby in fields.

3. Chainlink Wires can Offer See-Through Fencing

When it comes to protecting the cattle or the rail tracks, or both sides, there can be an endless number of options – like a high concrete wall. That would not be very productive because it blocks vision on both sides and might be a security hazard for trains. Additionally, train passengers would not be able to enjoy the natural scenery while traveling.

Chainlink wires can offer a solution that is both safe and visible. Additionally, these come in varying sizes and can be coated with different colors, making them suitable for application as desired.

How can Group Nirmal Help?

Group Nirmal is a GI wire manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata that has been manufacturing various wire products since 1971. The company has been providing GI wires in India that are products of sustainable manufacturing processes. This Indian wire manufacturer is also a well-known barbed wire manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata that uses high-quality raw materials for its production.

Ever since its inception, Group Nirmal GI wire manufacturer in India has been catering to a wide range of industries and organizations, whether it is private businesses or government-owned. With over 100+ products now, there is hardly any issue that the products of Group Nirmal cannot be leveraged to solve.

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