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Ribbed Wire: A New Technology Looking to Replace TMT Bars

Ribbed wire manufacturers in India

The advancement of technology has delivered many things to us. One such thing is ribbed wires which is a type of high-strength steel. But many people often think the ribbed wire is a complete TMT bar replacement. But this is not true, as you can consider it a partial replacement.

The ribbed wire manufacturers in India produce this product by controlling the cold twisting of hot rolled bars. These wires have projections or ribs on their outer surface.

They also come with various diameters varying from 6 mm to 50 mm. The most outstanding thing about the ribbed wires is that they have the exact strength and durability of TMT bars.

The Usage of Ribbed Wires

You can use the wires created by the top ribbed wire manufacturers in India in cement-based prefabricated structures like mean windows, construction boundaries, and others. Ribbed wires create better bonding with concrete. Some of the uses of ribbed wire include:

  • Building structures like high-rise houses and buildings, stadiums, hollow floor board, nuclear power plants, and wall boards
  • Reinforcing structures such as dams or any other rock soil anchoring project
  • Prefabricated concrete structures such as cement concrete pipes or pressure pipes
  • Bridge and road structures like subways, railway sleepers, highways, and others
  • Other uses like cement poles, mines, tubular piles, girders, double T-board, crane beams, panels, free-cutting steel, TV towers, and many more.

Different Types of Ribbed Wire

These are some of the types of ribbed wires;

Helical Ribbed Wire

The main characteristics of helical ribbed wire are the rolling out procedure. It deals with semi-finished products after the last drawing or plastic deformation. Thus, the wire created on the four convex-shaped consecutive ribs is excellent in feature compared to strand or plain steel wire.

Helical Ribbed Strand Wire

The wire includes 3 to 6 convex-shaped consecutive ribs on the surface. The primary advantage of this type of ribbed wire is strengthening the bond between the concrete and the wire. Thus, it improves the product’s performance and also extends its life.

Cold Drawn Ribbed Wire

Companies chiefly use it for concrete reinforcement like bars after the strengthening procedure. It is one of the most efficient construction materials with high strength, holding, capability, and many other qualities.

The primary applications of cold-drawn ribbed wire are precast reinforcement steel, concrete reinforcement wire, and many more.

Features of Ribbed Wire

Ribbed wires include the following features.

  • High bonding force
  • Wide range of application
  • Low relaxation and high tensile strength
  • Advanced production line, examination equipment, and necessary facility

Things to Remember While Choosing Ribbed Wires

While selecting the ribbed wires, remember a few things to get the best one. To help you with this, here we have penned down the most significant factors to help you to choose the best-ribbed wire.

Rib Pattern

As you might know, each ribbed wire comes with a specific pattern on its outer surface. It is called the ribbed pattern. But these patterns have different variations. That is why it is crucial to think while selecting one.

You need to pick the pattern by considering how you will use the ribbed wire. In this way, you can ensure the wire will offer increased strength and durability.

Pattern Formation Techniques

The ribbed wire manufacturers in India create the pattern and the formation of the ribbed wires in a way that you can use them for various purposes. Besides this, the best manufacturers use advanced CNC machines to ensure uniformity in ribbed wire manufacturing.

Importance of Ribbed Wires

Unlike TMT bars, ribbed wires offer enhanced bonding strength to concrete structures. The structure can withstand an earthquake or flood as it provides an extra layer of structure safety.

Additionally, ribbed wires can distribute the load evenly across the entire structure and build a better grip on concrete. It also decreases the slipping issue during construction. On top of all, due to the excellent welding ability and bonding, the upkeep cost is marginally low.

The benefit of using ribbed wire is that it can strengthen the combination between concrete and wire. Ribbed wires are used in hollow slabs, water pipes, telegraph poles, and many more.

Benefits of Ribbed Wires

By reading the above segments, you can more or less understand the importance of ribbed wires in today’s world. Many people are now using these wires to get multiple benefits. Let us take a look at some of those.

  • You can bend ribbed wires 360 degrees without cracks or fractures on their outer surface. It is beneficial to execute different and complex projects.
  • By using ribbed wires, you can get enough strength and durability.
  • By using these wires, you can also make the weight of the structure much less.
  • Ribbed wires are much more economical than TMT bars. These wires significantly reduce the expense of reinforcement by up to 30 to 40 percent.
  • Ribbed wires support welding. You can weld them by using electric flash butt welding or arc welding.
  • The structural properties of ribbed wires are more enhanced than the ordinary plain round bars.
  • You can use ribbed wires for every prominent type of reinforced concrete structure.
  • These wires are rust-proof and highly flexible.
  • The handling and fixing are also quite simple. As a result, if you use ribbed wires, you can significantly reduce labor costs.
  • You can also implement ribbed wires in casting the floors of building construction.
  • Beneficial for seismic-prone regions as ribbed wires offer structural integrity
  • Provides lower friction

Final Words

To sum up, it is needless to say that ribbed wires are a new invention that works perfectly as a partial replacement for TMT bars. By using these wires, you will get several benefits and also save your money significantly.

But while selecting ribbed wires, you must choose the products manufactured by the best-ribbed wire manufacturer in India, like Group Nirmal. Group Nirmal supplies different varieties of ribbed wires with diameters ranging from 4mm to 11.9 mm.

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