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MIG vs TIG Welding- What’s The Difference?

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For every arc welding process, it is important to choose the best process to get the best results. The TIG and MIG welding requires the use of an electric arc. However, the techniques of these processes are different. Also, they are used by various GI fencing wire manufacturers in Kolkata. Therefore, here you will know the major difference between the welding types and how you can use them.

MIG vs TIG: In What Ways Are TIG and MIG Welding Different?

Firstly, the main difference between both types of welding is the use of electric arc. To understand that, you need to know MIG welding involves using feed wire. This wire moves across the gun to create a spark. After that, it melts to form the weld. On the other hand, the TIG welding type requires a long rod that fuses two metals directly.

Difference in Speed

When you notice the speed, the guns for MIG welding are designed to be used longer. As a result, they are an effective option compared to TIG. For various industrial operations, MIG welding is highly used. They are common among steel pipes manufacturers. However, the TIG welding process is mainly used to focus on details. That’s why it has a slower speed.

The Requirement of Costs

Secondly, for any manufacturing work, time is equivalent to money. As you can already see, the MIG welding is faster; thus, it saves several costs. Along with that, you can find materials like stay wire, barbed wire manufacturers in India for MIG welding. However, they are also used for RIG welding.

Importance of Diversification

Thirdly, when talking about MIG vs TIG welding knowing the usage of both the welding is an important aspect. TIG welding is used for specific types of metals. But its effectiveness is constricted for thicker purposes. MIG welding is also used on stainless steel aluminum, with thickness ranging from 26 gauge or more. Apart from that, the TIG stay wire also acts as a filler and electrode. Thus, the thick pieces are easily combined without providing heat. Thus, if you are a steel pipes manufacturer, you can take the help of MIG welding.

Need of Wire

For the TIG process, continuous feed of galvanized wire is not necessary. Also, the filler metals in this process depend on their use. Hence, it is not necessary to use it constantly. On the other hand, the MIG welding process needs galvanized steel wire feeding continuously. Furthermore, the usage of filler metal is also crucial. Items like pre-stressed concrete wire and GI wire in India are used for TIG and MIG welding.

Electrode Composition 

The electrode composition depends on the parent metal in MIG welding. However, electrode metal is made from tungsten with other alloys. TIG welding is better for welding aluminum. Moreover, the equipment used in MIG welding is gas supply, welding gun, electric supply, and electrode wire supply. For TIG welding, the equipment is welding torch, power supply, gas supply, and tungsten electrode.

Therefore, the above points give us clear information about the difference between MIG vs TIG welding. They can be highly useful for an effective welding process.

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