Agriculture Wire

Agriculture Wire Made in India by Group Nirmal

Agricultural Wires

The next time you are looking for galvanized steel wires or any ground wires, Group Nirmal has a range of different ways to help you. With a wide category of wires, we are a team of manufacturers that offers high quality and high durability wires.

All of our wires can be suitably employed in the agricultural industry and help in activities like farming, gardening, ranching, and various other purposes.

At Group Nirmal, we have experts with both knowledge and skills that help us manufacture custom cables and wires for all things agriculture related. Our wires are custom designed and constructed, suitably fitting into the client’s requirements and quality standards. Some of the wires that we manufacture are barbed wires, earth wires, concertina wires, spring steel wires, etc.

What are Our Agricultural Wires Made of?

Our agricultural manufacturing wires include carbon steel but have more carbon content than used in usual wires. More carbon content ensured tensile strength and reduced the risk of elongation in case of a tensile load. Our agricultural wires can be used in smaller diameters.

Wonder What Advantages Wires have in Agriculture? We Have a Few for You

  • Agricultural wires manufactured at Group Nirmal are strong, ductile, and lightweight, making them easier for installation.
  • Our agricultural wires can be used for various applications across the agricultural field. Since our wires are known for high tensility and stability, you will find them suitable for many applications. You can use it in garden areas along with ranch areas.
  • Our wires can withstand damage caused by livestock or trees in case it falls. Our premium quality coatings help against corrosion and make it increase in durability.
  • We offer affordable agricultural wires, which you will find nowhere. Lower maintenance required by our wires also means it’s highly cost-effective.

Applications of Agricultural Wire

  • The agricultural industry uses sensors for many purposes. With sensors, you can monitor crops, adjust irrigation cycles, etc. For a sensor to offer constant and comprehensive coverage, it will have to use highly durable cables and wires.
  • You can use the wires to create fences or netting to protect the crops or your livestock from different wandering birds or animals.
  • You can also use suitable agricultural wires for hanging equipment, for example, planters or water lines.
  • Some pumps are submersible which you can find in deep wells. These pumps require cables and wires that are strong and corrosion resistant.

Get in Touch with Group Nirmal Today!

Group Nirmal has been preferred over its competition primarily for its high-quality and industry-standard cables and wires. Apart from the agricultural industry, we have served clients from many other industries and have suitably provided the cables and wires.

If you wish to learn about our products better for different industries, call or email us with a query. We are always ready to answer or address your concerns.

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