What is the Tempcore Process of TMT Bars? and Why is It Essential?

TMT Bars

Developed in the early 1970s at Liege, Belgium, by Centre de Rechaerche Metallurgiques (CRM), the Tempcore process allows manufacturers to produce high yield strength weldable rebars from mild steel billets. The high yield strength of weldable rebars is achieved without adding any micro-alloying elements or their ductility.

Tempcore is a patented thermo-mechanical process where the hot rolled bar is intensively surface quenched by water for reinforcement bar or rebar production. As soon as the bar emerges from the last hot rolling stand of the rolling mill, it is quenched by water for fast cooling and retaining the heat from the core.

Why do Manufacturers Implement the Tempcore Process for TMT Bars?

Along with its strength, ductility, weldability, and formability are some of the most prominent requirements, and the tempcore process helps the manufacturers achieve just that. It not only increases the strength but using higher grade steel rebars is economical since less steel is needed for the same loading condition, reducing the total cost. Since less amount of steel rebars are used in a project, it also means transportation of less quantity, thus reducing the transportation cost too.

Advantages of Using Tempcore Process for TMT Bars

Using TMT bars that have been produced by the tempcore process has several advantages over normal TMT bars. Here is how your structure can be stronger and more weldable with TMT bars produced using the tempcore process:

  1. Reliable Quality: Whenever you choose TMT bars produced by the tempcore process, you can rely on its strength due to the tempered outer layer of Martensite. With such TMT bars, you can expect to receive a consistent quality that provides amazing flexibility in construction.
  2. Superior Safety: You can be stress and worry-free for your structure when you use Tempcore processed TMT bars, as it is synonymous with strength and quality.
  3. Savings in Steel: Since you would require fewer TMT bars, you can save your money on the construction of the structure, transportation, and quantity of the rebars.

Why is It Essential to Use TMT Bars Produced Using the Tempcore Process?

If you are wondering why it is essential for you to choose TMT bras produced using the tempcore process, here are the reasons:

  1. Since TMT bars are treated by the tempcore process, users can rely on their quality without any worries. In addition, the tempcore process increases its strength, giving excellent weldability and making them erosion-free.
  2. Many TMT bars manufacturers ensure that their product undergoes the tempcore process so that it brings down steel consumption and makes it highly cost-effective. The tempcore process increases the thermal stability of the bars, which makes the TMT bars fire-resistant.
  3. If you are looking for highly-elastic TMT bars, you cannot find anything better than TMT bras produced by the Tempcore process.

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