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What is the Difference Between Fe 550 & Fe 415 Construction Steel?

Difference Between Fe 550 & Fe 415 Construction Steel

Construction grade steel is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the modern construction industry. Since concrete is weak against tensile force, integrating construction steel in such cases will enhance the concrete’s tensile strength. If you are planning to use Fe 550 grade steel in your large-scale projects like building a bridge or a heavy underground structure, we are the largest steel pipe manufacturer in Kolkata, helping construction companies choose the best-rated Fe 550 steel in the country.

In contrast, we are also a leading construction steel manufacturer in Kolkata, the primary steel that is used in the construction of many RCC buildings, whether they are commercial or residential properties. With its minimum yield strength of 415 N/, the Fe 415 steel is safe to use for RCC structures.

What is the Difference Between Fe 550 & Fe 415 Construction Steel?

As you might have already figured out that both the numbers 550 and 415 indicate the minimum yield strength, there are so few other differences between both the Fe 550 and Fe 415 steel types:

1. Quality:

Undoubtedly, if you look at them side by side, the Fe 550 steel bars will have higher quality than that Fe 415 steel bars; however, depending on where you are using them. Fe 550 steel is ideal for heavy construction, whereas Fe 415 steel is ideal for building that far lightweight.

2. Minimum Tensile Strength:

the Fe 550 and Fe 415 steel bras have a minimum tensile strength of 550 N/ and 415 N/, respectively. The tensile strength of both steels determines the tensile strength that will require the steel to fail and break.

3. Maximum Tensile Strength:

With an elongation percentage of 14.5%, the maximum tensile strength for Fe 415 is 485 n/sqmm. While, with an elongation percentage of 10%, the maximum tensile strength of Fe 550 is at 585 N/sqmm.

4. Chemical Properties:

While the physical properties of all the steel might look the same, the chemical properties, however, are vastly different. The chemical composition of Fe 415 is at – Carbon (0.3), sulfur (0.06), Phosphorus (0.06), and Sulphur and Phosphorus (0.11).

The chemical composition of Fe 550 is at – Carbon (0.3), sulfur (0.055), Phosphorus (0.05) and Sulphur and Phosphorus (0.1).

Benefits of Using Fe 415 and Fe 550 TMT Steel Bars

Using TMT steel bar instead of regular bars have several benefits, other than it being a strong base for the structure:

  1. You can easily bend, re-bend, or reverse bend a TMT steel bar like Fe 415 and Fe 550.
  2. It is highly corrosion resistant.
  3. No matter how much time has passed, there are so significant aging or changes in the strength of a TMT steel bar.
  4. It is also easily weldable and highly ductile when compared to other steel bars.
  5. It has low carbon content and is suitable for concrete structures.

If you are looking for high-quality Fe 415and Fe550 steel TMT bars in Kolkata, bank upon Group Nirmal as it is well-known for its top-grade products that promise longevity.


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