GI wires

Galvanized Wires Manufacturer in Kolkata

GI Wires

Group Nirmal was founded in 1971at in Kolkata by Mr. Ram Autar Saraf very humbly with just 10 Lac rupees today it’s a 7 Crores rupees business. The manufacturing facility has a state-of-the-art process consisting of GI wires, conductors, hot rolled products, and construction steel. The company has a combined capacity of 1,00,000 metric tons of steel per annum, made following strict sustainable green processes. The group also specializes in trading high-quality metals.


• Black Wires

The Group Offers hard bright-drawn wires ranging from 1.5mm to 6mm for various end applications providing exceptional tolerance across dimensions. Complex products like alloy carbon steel wires with options of phosphate and borax coating to suit clients’ needs are made by us.

• Spring Steel Wires

Spring steel wires from sizes 1.5mm to 4mm to suit varieties of engineering spring applications both for tension and compression spring.

• Nails

Cold heading quality wire to suit nail manufactured by us which can also be customized to be made in galvanised form to safeguard end products from corrosion.

• Prestressed Concrete Wires

Prestressed concrete wires is used in the reinforcement of concrete structures like hume pipes, pre-cast concrete panels, and concrete poles with ranges from 3mm to 5mm round or indented options having great relaxation properties. Also, our products have met various quality standards like IS6003(Equivalent to ASTM), JIS, and BS standards.

• Galvanized Wires

• Group Nirmal offers GI (Galvanized) wires ranging from 1.5mm to 6mm with zinc coating in the range of 40gsm to 500gsm all the while adhering to is, BS, DIN, ATSM, and JIS quality standards.

• Galvanised wires are the ultimate solution to protection from rusting and corrosion thereby protecting assets. Galvanised steel wire is a versatile wire that has undergone the chemical process of galvanization with a protective, rust preventing metal such as zinc which makes GI wires strong, rust-resistant, and multipurpose for various applications.

• Galvanised steel wires are the binding material used for construction work because of the high strength and durability it offers and on top of that GI, wires are considered to be weatherproof and add value to properties and buildings.

Galvanized Wire Fences

Traditional materials like wood, stone, a wire can rot, crack; rust respectably over a while should they be used to make fences. The solution is Galvanised Wire Fences. Normal steel wires can develop rust with little rainfall as it’s a natural chemical process, the oxygen in the air will produce iron oxide, rain being the catalyst but with galvanized steel wires the zinc used in galvanization process protects this by slowing down the chemical process.

At Group Nirmal we have over 20 years of experience and pride with ourselves in saying we Deploy green process manufacturing of GI wire fences achieving Indian standard (IS 278) which can be used in enormous applications for both defence and civilian purposes. Safety is not an issue for our clients as for barbed wires we offer a unique and highly safe packaging solution to make handling the wires safe and user-friendly.


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