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Check Out the Top 5 Uses of GI Wires

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GI wires or galvanized wire is nothing but simply an iron wire that has been strengthened by the chemical process of galvanization. Galvanization is a process that involves coating the steel wire with a protective, rust-resistant metal, like zinc. Coming with a range of size options, the foremost property of such wires is that they are non-rusting, durable, and can serve various purposes. The fact that they’re all-weather increases their value as well. Keep reading to know about the 5 most common uses of gi wires in India.

Five Best Uses of Galvanized Steel Wire:

Every gi wire manufacturer has made a strong holding over the market as these wires come with the advantage of serving a number of purposes like the following:

Binding of Construction Materials:

Being strong and durable, Galvanized Iron wires have become an indispensable part of the construction of buildings. They can be used on any construction site to bind or ball materials to prevent them from falling due to overbalance. The rust and weather resistance properties make GI wires a crucial part of the construction.

Property Protection or Fencing:

The strength and durability of GI wires make them a very good item that can be used to protect properties. GI wires are strong and very hard to cut through. Run to a gi fencing wire manufacturer and grab it soon, as they can be used to create a fence around the property’s perimeter or on top of the fence to prevent people from climbing them.

Provides Support to Wall Appliances:

GI wires are extremely useful when wall projections or paintings need to be supported because of their great tensile strength. These wires protect precious artworks or mirrors on the wall from falling and shattering by stopping them from falling.

A Plethora of Manufacturing Purposes:

GI wires’ strength and durability make them an apt material for a multitude of manufacturing processes. You can grab Gi wires from a gi wire supplier and use them to manufacture steel ropes and non-corrosion wire products, as well as in the strengthening of multi-core electric cables.

Hanging of Cables:

Galvanized iron wires are also used in processes like suspending or hanging telecommunications cables, earth wire or ground wire, and barrier cables.

A Few Other Uses of GI Wires:

Apart from the uses as mentioned above, GI wires also serve as a reliable option for protecting wires from rusting and corrosion for various applications like Stay/Stranded Wire, ACSR Core Wire, Earth Wire, Gabion Boxes, Nails, Fencing (Barbed, Concertina, Chain Link) & Netting, Cable Armoring, Bailing, Welded Mesh, Telephone Wiring, Filters, Anti-climbing and other security products, Hanger Wire, Agricultural and irrigation applications, Galvanized Piano Wire/Winch wire, Galvanized Spring, Solid Wires, General Engg Purpose. GI wires also serve a few other commercial purposes like the manufacturing of animal cages, wire cloth, wire rope, and suspension bridges. The market is full of Gi wires that give you the opportunity to choose from options of products that include aluminum conductor steel reinforced core wire and strand and hot-dip GI wire.

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