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Different Aluminium Conductors in Power Distribution Channels

aluminum conductor

Before we learn about aluminium conductors, let us run the use of electrical conductors. Electrical conductors are those types of metals that allow electricity to pass through the same. These electric conductors are- aluminium, gold, copper, etc. along with their alloys.

Due to the high prices, copper is not used, instead, an aluminium conductor is preferred. In India, according to IS 398 overhead aluminium conductors are produced. On the contrary, copper is an excellent conductor of electricity than aluminium. However, using copper will not be economically adequate for transmitting long-distance power.

Aluminium is unique for being exceptionally light as it is not genetically strong when found in pure form. Therefore, for increasing the strength, its alloys or other reinforced electricity conducting versions are commonly used.

Let us explore through the different types of aluminium conductor India produces, for a better understanding of the product.

Different Aluminium Conductors in Power distribution

There are four types of aluminium conductor India produces for supply. If you are wondering what they are, take a look at the types given below.

The list of aluminium conductors you can choose from –

AAC or All Aluminium Conductor

This type of aluminium conductor doesn’t have much strength. The AAC is used for covering short-distance power channels. AAC when compared to ACSR has better conductivity.

AAAC or All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

The properties of both AAC and AAAC are the same, except for the alloy apart. This is comparatively a lighter conductor as there is no steel present inside. AAAC has an impactful tensile strength and can be used for long-distance power lines. The lightweight of AAAC conductors where the support of lesser weight is needed.

Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced

The ACSR and ACC when used for long-distance lines has to be kept at minimum sag. But for the case of ACSR conductors, it comprises 7,19, sometimes even more steel strands bound to an aluminum strand twisted in circles.
The number of steel strands depends on the use of the product. These strands are capable of delivering better mechanisms, flexibility while minimizing the breakage factor.

Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced

Similar to the previous explanation from the second point even this shares the properties as ACSR apart from the alloy factor. An ACAR conductor is used hugely for overhead distribution and transmission lines. This product has less price than that of AAAC, besides providing excellent corrosion protection.

The different conductors should be used correctly for efficiency. Such as AAAC conductors are recommended for larger sizes of conductors than ACSR. The reason behind this is, the strength and weight ratios along with the ease in making joints. I hope you liked the article. 

Group Nirmal is one of the leading companies in manufacturing and supplying aluminium conductors. If you are looking for purchasing aluminium conductors, then you have landed in the right place. Look through the conductors’ page for having an in-depth idea of these conductors and how you can use them.

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