GI stay wire coils - Nirmal Group

GI stay wires or galvanized iron stay wires, also known as guy wires, are steel strands which are used for the purpose of enduring mechanical load. The main purpose of a stay wire is to balance the load and add stability on a power pole or tower structure.

Nirmal Group can be best defined as the leading, ethical and reliable manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Galvanized Iron Stay or Stranded Wires which are perfectly suitable for electric poles, telephone poles, transmission poles, railway track signals, ship masts, radio masts, chimneys, etc. Our stay wires range up to 19 strands of various grades (450-1770), with wire diameters ranging from 1.57mm – 4.00mm, conforming to IS 2141, BS 183 and corresponding ASTM, DIN and JIS specification to meet customer’s requirement. We also supply stay wires in coils, wooden drums and steel drums. Nirmal Group achieved a gigantic 200% growth in annual turnover owing to the installation of the world’s most advanced and efficient technology in the manufacturing of GI wires. We supply our impeccable quality of GI stay wires to a plethora of major industries globally and have never failed to satisfy them.