Aluminium thermal spray - Nirmal Group

Metalizing refers to thermal spray application of a variety of protective coatings for the purpose of corrosion resistance such as aluminium, zinc or a combination of both. It is a process where a powdered or a wire form of metal is melted and is sprayed onto another metal surface for the purpose of making that object or surface wear-resistant, control corrosion, traction or to restore dimensions.

As aluminium is anodic to steel, the aluminium coating acts as excellent sacrificial coatings on steel surfaces or structures. Aluminium thermal spray wires work great for cathodic corrosion protection when exposed to the atmosphere and salt/freshwater, in applications which include, oil-refining equipment, boat bottom interiors, chemical processing equipment and much more.

Nirmal Group can be defined as the leading aluminium metalizing wire manufacturer and supplier in India known for its impeccable quality of aluminium thermal spray wire complying with various international standards.